How this works
Using online tools (including boring old email), it’s increasingly simple to share rich dialogue about any aspect of a project. Often a good combo is jumping on a phone call. We'll both view the project on, where we can annotate and mark up the video as we go.
There’s a vast world of stock music out there- I’ll quickly select a few tracks from a great site like,, or and send you playlists to review. Often the music has to be tweaked to fit the project length- I can handle that.
Your brand's voice
Given the tone of your project, I’ll give you samples of voice actors. After we select the talent, I’ll direct them to get the best delivery for your needs.
Leave it to me
There is a world of things that you shouldn’t have to worry about when bringing on help. It’s my intention to make the process as light as possible for you to manage. I’m here to unburden you!
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